Boston Bathroom Remodel

Step by step slideshow of a bathroom renovation by a Boston area installation company, from plans to completion. Features a whirlpool/Jacuzzi style tub with a tiled magnetic access panel, radiant heat flooring as well as a separate glass enclosed shower with heated floor, accent border, foot rest, and niche shelf.

Tile & Installation by  ASTI in Waltham, MA


Customer Renovation Request – Existing Bath Photos

Floor Plans Developed from Client Sketch

Elevation Layouts

Bath Floor Radiant Heat Layout

Bath Tub Step & Threshold Details

Original Niche Wall

Rough Framed Niche Wall

Rough Plumbing Wall

Rough Tub Deck Framing

Stone Tub Deck Laser Set

Rubber Pan Liner & Wonder Board Install

Floor Prep for Mud Pack

Floor Mud Pack Install

Shower Sill Apron Prep

Shower Floor Mud Pack

Main Floor Mud Pack

Shower Wall Leveling Prep

Shower Floor Waterproof Membrane

Shower Wall Waterproof Membrane

Niche Cut Out & Waterproof

Tub Deck Waterproof

Main Floor Radiant Heat Install

Shower Floor Radiant Heat Install

Shower Floor Radiant Heat Floating Coat

Applying Leveling Cement

Main Floor Radiant Heat Floating Coat

Stone Tub Deck Install

Shower Floor Tile Install

Main Floor Tile Install

Main Floor Tile Install at Tub Step

Main Floor Tile Install at Vanity Wall

Wall Tile Installation Starting Point

Niche Wall Tile Install

Shower Wall Tile Install

Tile &  Plumbing Wall

Stone Niche Install

Tub Step Rough Install

Stone Tub Step

Tub Step Mortar Prep

Stone Step Mortar Prep

Stone Step Install

Stone Step Horizontal Level Check

Stone Step Vertical Level Check

Stone Step Silicone Caulk Joint Seal

Access Panel Magnet Install

Access Panel Stone Magnet Metal Install

Access Panel Backer Stone Install

Access Panel Tile Install

Access Panel Removal Check Using Suction Cup

Access Panel Removal Check

Access Panel Removal

Access Panel Tile Mitered Seam

Access Panel Complete

Shower Floor Drain Layout Detail

Shower Floor Complete

Plumbing Wall Tile Finish

Shower Glass Door  Placement

Shower Glass Panel Placement

Stone Threshold

Vanity Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

Stone Vanity Top

Electrical Outlet Placement

Electrical Outlet Placement

Stone Epoxy Seamed Niche

Stone Niche Sill Ear Detail

Foot Rest

Accent Border Inside Corner

Perimeter Base

Before and After Photos