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Tile Murals

Did you know that we can take any digital picture that is special to you and have that memory created as a tile mural for you to display in your home? Recently, one customer wanted to always remember her trip to Italy with her loved ones and had us create her photo onto a tile mural work of art. It was very impressive and the vivid blue of the water looked just as rich on the tiles. We can also order different designs for your themed kitchen such as the wine and vines picture attached here. Two murals are on display right here in our showroom, I invite you to come in and take a look in person.

custom tile mural

New this week!

3 new products

Glass and stone mosaic
Glass makes a beautiful kitchen backsplash, it is a big seller. Our new glass and stone blend is especially unique because it mixes the glass with natural stone for a rich look that integrates easily into any style . The first pictures shows the product on a sheet before it is installed the other picture shows you the finished product complete with grout. Our new glass and stone mosaics come in five different colors. Try our glass and stone mosaic on a fireplace wall for a dramatic statement to transform your space.

Tile Backsplash Waltham Waltham Tile International Glass Stone Backsplash

Porcelain Tile in seasoned wood pattern
Our new porcelain wood inspired tiles come in a seasoned finish to make your floors look really special. The design of the tile has a worn and weathered look. Create a truly unique reclaimed wood look with the durability of porcelain tile, available in 5 different color options. This tile is perfect for any space where water or high foot traffic is a concern. Less maintenance and easier to clean than traditional hardwood floors. I love this tile! The pictures speak for themselves for this beautiful tile.

  wood tile porcelain in walthamporcelain wood floor tile

Porcelain Tile in Wood pattern
This is very trendy and comes in 5 different colors. It has a wood look but is porcelain so unlike real hardwood, the tiles can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. For a tile pattern you have several different options. I recommend an alternating random linear pattern. The sizes available are 6” x 36” and 9” x 36” to imitate large wooden planks that gives the look of “wooden floors” a fresh new meaning.

wood floor tile walthamporcelain tile wood look

To learn more about these new products or to schedule a showroom visit, call 781-899-8286

8x8 ceramic tile clearance

Tile International
Is Your Hardwood Floor Ready for an Upgrade?
Many people love the look of a hardwood floor. Over time, the wear on the floor and the care required to maintain it can become too much. With a wood look porcelain tile, you can have the best of both worlds - exceptional durability and the natural warmth of the look of hardwood.

Some of the greatest advantages of wood floor tiles is that they are stain, scratch and water resistant and perform well in areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Another benefit is that they can be installed right over your existing wood floor.

Hardwood floor tiles come in many styles to emulate the many types of hardwood floors. We'd love to show you the options for installing a hardwood look tile floor in your home or office.