Modern Hearth


Modern Hearthâ„¢ combines the tranquility of neutral colors in floor tile with the surprise of decorative wall tile. This contemporary soft concrete visual in cool and warm tones creates a serene space perfect for rest and relaxation. The three calm, solid colors are available in three floor tile formats, 3 x 12 wall tile and a 2 x 4 brick-joint mosaic. The 6 x 6 decorative wall tile is designed to be installed in a random arrangement of artfully crafted ornamental pieces.

    • - Serene, soft concrete look available in three neutral and calming colors

    - 6 x 6 wall tile available in random assortment of beautifully crafted decorative designs in all three colors 
    • - Classic 12 x 24, 18 x 18 and 12 x 12 floor tile formats and a 2 x 4 brick-joint mosaic

      - Imaginative 3 x 12 monochromatic and 6 x 6 decorative wall tile
    - Jolly can be used as a coordinating trim or wall accent

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